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22 September 2017
Residents of San Fulgencio and the urbanisations are asking why has it taken 6 years for the trial for fraud against retired British policeman Jeffrey Wiszniewski to get to court. For 4 years after committing public office criminal offences he continued as the councillor for San Fulgencio and the urbanisations. As leader of the PIPN party and despite knowing his guilt he again put himself up for election in May 2015 and was successful thanks to unwitting expat voters. Pleading guilty in court last week to the offences he committed in 2011 Wiszniewski avoided the likelihood of a jail term but he must repay to the municipality over 9,000 Euros and he is banned from any position in public office for 7 years. Read the full decision of the court published online here:

12 February 2016

The current council has refused the Police and Fire fighters union’s repeated requests to recruit new police officers to cover the four vacant positions in the municipality. The response from the council is that this is due to political decisions and that as far as they are concerned the current policing should be enough to cover the village and all the urbanisations. Juan Garcia, the provisional secretary for the Police and Firefighters union asked why, after numerous meetings over many months with the San Fulgencio council, they have ignored the union’s recommendations to maintain adequate policing in the municipality when crime is on the increase.

13 December 2015
Mayor of San Fulgencio Carlos Ramirez has been accused of the misuse of public funds by the public prosecutor who has demanded that he be banned from holding public office for 9 years. Read the full story as reported in the press here.

28 August 2015
in the Informacion newspaper today Mayor Carlo Ramirez responded to questions about the 20% increase in the IBI house tax for local residents saying that the reason for the tax hike is the loss of 600.000 Euros per annum in funding as a result of the loss of 3,700 citizens registered on the padron.  

20 June 2015
San Fulgencio council is going ahead with the Arena Rock heavy metal concert next month on 12th July. For more information on this concert visit the official Rock Arena web site here.

28th May 2015

In the municipal elections on May 24th the PP obtained absolute majorities in Daya Vieja, Redován, Formentera del Segura, Bigastro, Benijófar and San Fulgencio. In the Vega Baja the Partido Popular (PP) lost 7 of the 14 municipalities which they won in 2011, and most of them they had been governed for decades by the PP. Now they must seek agreements and pacts with other parties if they are to remain in the mayor's chair in these municipalities. In Callosa de Segura the PP mayor Javier Pérez could lose control if the left wing Socialists (PSOE), Izquierda Unida (IU) and Somos Callosa agree a three way pact. In all 11 Town Halls in this region need a pact to be able to govern (Torrevieja, Orihuela, Callosa, Almoradí, Pilar de la Horadada, Cox, Guardamar, Granja de Rocamora, San Miguel de Salinas, Albatera and Catral) or the party with the most votes will have to govern with a minority. The parties have a few weeks to negotiate a coalition to decide how the governing councils will finally be made up. In San Fulgencio there is no need for a coalition, as the PP part has an absolute majority. Councillor Jeff Wiszniewski of the PIPN party is now a councillor in opposition to the PP, the party he aligned with in a coalition over the previous four years and voted "Si" to every project proposed by the PP whilst in the coalition. Local people are waiting to see how he votes now that he is in opposition to them and now that they are not paying him a salary. Opposition councillors do not receive any remuneration.

14th May 2015

The AP (Agrupacion Popular) political party has released its manifesto. The top three priorities of the AP Party are to address the needs of the elderly and infirm residents on the urbanisations, to simplify the administration of planning applications and house conveyance, most importantly to allow reversions to previously approved applications, to reintroduce the volunteer based animal rescue and rehoming system and stop animal cruelty. The AP party has also revealed that the  Rock Arena (Heavy Metal Rock) concert, arranged by the current administration for next month, will be cancelled as there is no penalty involved in cancelling. For the full manifesto and how the party is intending to tackle other important issues affecting local residents click here  

4th April 2015

At a recent Junta de Gobierno meeting (Governing Councillors meeting) the current coalition of PP & PIPN councillors committed more that 15,000 Euros of public funds for another Rock Arena (heavy metal rock) concert, stating that it will again take place in La Marina urbanisation in June this year. In doing this the current council has ignored public opinion and the fact that the final decision on the rock concert will be dependent on the new council which will be elected on May 24th. Councillor for the urbanisations Jeffrey Witold Wiszniewski was questioned about his part in agreeing to the concert at the Junta de Gobierno meeting. His reply was that believed the urbanisation residents were in favour of these heavy rock concerts!

6th February 2015
Reports in many newspapers this week have helped to underline the importance of opposition councillors and for them to monitor closely where possible all the activities and the decisions made by a ruling junta. In this case it was the diligent councillors on the opposite bench of the the PP / PIPN coalition in San  Fulgencio.

In 2011, and again in 2012, opposition councillors of the APSFU (the Independent Party for San Fulgencio and the Urbanisations) revealed major discrepancies in the award of contracts for the La Marina fiestas by the current council coalition. San Fulgencio Mayor Carlos Ramirez, councillor for the urbanisations Jeffrey Witold Wiszniewski, and three other local junta councillors, have now been formally charged with fraud and political corruption and summoned to appear before a court in Orihuela. They will first be required to make an official statement to the judge as a defendant in this case prior to the court making a date for the trial. For more information click on the following link:

Numerous denuncias have been recorded at the fiscal anti-corruption office against the San Fulgencio PP/PIPN coalition. This particular case of discrimination and fraud is likely to be the first one to go to trial after being brought to the attention of the public in July 2011 by opposition councillors, one of them being APSFU British councillor Mark Lewis who commented, “It is a travesty of justice and a failure of fiscal accountability that it has taken almost four years to get to this stage, and still there is no trial date. The court process in Spain is so delayed and time-consuming it is not known if their trial will take place before the local elections in May this year”. According to a PP Party directive any elected councillor that is formally charged with a criminal offence should not be allowed to stand in the forthcoming local elections.

20th January 2015

San Fulgencio councils total indifference for the welfare of animals continues on the celebration of the patron saint of the town with a public procession that includes animal abuse and suffering in the streets here.

2nd January 2015
Following a denuncia after an exposition by the APSFU independent party opposition councillors in San Fulgencio a report was sent to the anti-corruption fiscal department. A judge reviewed all the evidence and took statements from all concerned. Subsequently, his decision is that there is evidence of a crime being committed by San Fulgencio Mayor Carlos Ramirez, another councillor, and also by the president of the local football club CF San Fulgencio. All three are members of the local PP party. San Fulgencio council Junta de Gobierno approved more than 250,000 Euros from public funds to pay for a training team for the San Fulgencio youth football club and other local sports projects. A trial date has yet to be announced. Read the report in the Informacion newspaper here.

17th December 2014
The Partido Popular party is in hot water over the alleged illegal financing of its election campaigns. In a national press release it is revealed that 20 politicians and prominent businessmen will face trial following a three-year court probe. The prosecution maintains that an intricate and widespread corruption network was used by the Valencia regions PP party to channel black money into the party. Despite the PP party corruption scandals that hit the press over a year ago, this brought a public apology in the national press from Spain’s PP party prime minister Rajoy. San Fulgencio PIPN councillor Jeffrey Wiszniewski, a member of the Junta de Gobierno, has refused to disassociate himself from the PP party and at all council meetings since 2011 has used his councillor vote to vote with the PP party in all matters. The full story will appear in the Costa Blanca News this Friday.  

25nd November 2014

Have you received a voting registration form in the post?
If not your right to register to vote may be in jeopardy. Over the past few months other Town Halls on the Costa Blanca have opened up Help Desk's, displayed "Your right- Register to Vote" posters and made handouts available in different languages about your right to register to vote in next May’s local elections. San Fulgencio council has failed in its responsibilities staying silent on this very important issue. To date there has been no awareness campaign, there is no information on the Ayuntamiento web site and social networking pages, the Concejalia de Urbanizaciones pages, and no information on Councillor Wiszniewski’s blog, to inform local residents that they must register to vote BEFORE THE END OF DECEMBER OR LOSE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE.

If you have not received a form in the post there is only a short period of time remaining for you to go the Ayuntamiento office in calle Madrid 7, La Marina urbanisation, taking with you your original passport. An official Town Hall administrator, her name is Tere, will be on duty there to provide you with the form to register to vote and help you to complete it. Tere speaks very good English. Please ask her for a copy of your completed form. You can also register to vote at the Ayuntamiento in San Fulgencio. Don’t delay - after 31st December it will be too late and you will not be allowed to register to vote...

If you have received a voting registration form in the post from the “Oficina Del Censo Electoral” addressed to you personally at your home address, it is a simple matter of filling in the spaces with the basic information asked for, putting a cross in the “Si” box to register to vote, signing it, then re-sealing it and returning it postage pre-paid.  

This information has been provided by the APSFU (Agrupación Popular de San Fulgencio y Urbanizaciones) opposition bench councillors. For an instruction leaflet on the voting registration form in English, German and French, or for any other query, click on the following link to send an email to


There are almost 300 open corruption cases
in the Valencia region. The General Council of the Judiciary has instructed the courts throughout the region to speed up the processing of pending cases relating to charges of tax evasion, forgery, bribery and embezzlement of public funds. Spain Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on behalf of the PP Party apologised to the country for the number of elected people in his party that “are not worthy of holding public office”.    


8th October 2014

San Fulgencio Council is not the cost cutting council it professes to be, repeatedly proclaiming that they have reduced council expenditure while local residents and businesses face the consequences with increased public utility costs, a reduced ceiling of electricity supply and lower water pressures. Business and home owners are left scratching their heads wondering why they are having problems with their water and electricity supply. Whether it is to preserve and cook food in a restaurant or obtain hot water at home to wash the dishes, in many cases it is taking longer to achieve the required result. In some instances equipment has been adversely affected by the low grade supply, particularly fridges and freezers. But that is not all. Opposition party councillors of the APSFU and the PSOE have revealed that at a council meeting on 8th October the party in power in San Fulgencio (PP) and their coalition partner Jeffrey Wiszniewski (PIPN) voted together to again increase the tax burden on local citizens. Effective from 1st January 2015 the IBI house tax will increase by 8% and the waste collection tax will increase by 5%. These are statutory increases, not negotiable. Mostly affected will be people living in the urbanisations. The coalition councillors also voted to approve a salary increase of 18% effective immediately to Samantha Hull Gallon, the office assistant of coalition partner Jeffrey Wiszniewski. She will receive a bonus of 14 monthly salary payments.

An official audit report reveals that in the three and a half years since the PP/PIPN coalition took power in San Fulgencio, and despite continuous increases in indirect taxation and the cost of public utilities, the Town Hall debt has seen an exorbitant increase of 77%. From 27% on 31-December 2010, to 104.19% as on 31 December 2013

14th September 2014

The latest document outlining the "Actas de las Sesiones", dated 10 September 2014 has finally been delivered to all local councillors and reveals details of each "Junta de Gobierno" meeting convened in July 2014. The official records show that only the following PP governing party members, and their coalition partner councillor Jeffrey Wiszniweski were invited to attend:

Carlos Ramirez Sansano ( PP - Mayor)

Jeffrey Witold Wiszniewski (PIPN)

Pascual Sempere Mojica (PP)
Concepcion Castell Espinosa (PP)
Manuel Gomez Rebagliato (PP)
Pedor Gonzales Garcia (PP)

The dates and officially recorded duration of each meeting and the remuneration for a councillor attending each meeting:
3rd July  - 45 minutes - 650 Euros
10th July - 50 minutes - 650 Euros
17th July - 20 minutes - 650 Euros
22nd July - 5 minutes  - 650 Euros
25th July  - 0 minutes - 650 Euros
31st July - 15 Minutes - 650 Euros

The meeting on 25th July was officialy recorded lasting "0" minutes, for which a councillor received 650 Euros! The total remuneration for a councillor was 3,900 Euros in one month. None of the opposition councillors were invited to any of these meetings.

12th June 2014

San Fulgencio council has no money in the coffers. At a full council meeting today the current governing coalition all voted in favour of borrowing more money to pay wages. Opposition councillors did not vote in favour of borrowing. For more than three years opposition councillors have objected to the current coalition’s squandering of funds on needless projects and unnecessary salaries to councillors and their personal assistants. Over half a million Euros to maintain the PP/PIPN coalition. Early this year the Regional Government eventually agreed with opposition councillors and tried to stop the rot when they ordered the coalition to terminate the employment of three of councillor Wiszniewski’s personal assistants, one of them was a council paid full time college student! More borrowing increases the Town Hall's already massive debts, resulting in more cuts to services.

This was the information conveyed at today’s full council meeting. It was also revealed that the population has reduced by 25% which will result in reduced subsidies from Regional and National Government departments. Last year the National Statistics Office made it compulsory for the municipality to re-register local people on the padron, but the San Fulgencio coalition did not organise a long term and meaningful campaign of notification and awareness of the absolute necessity for all local people to re-register on the padron, and now it is too late. The council will very soon raise rubbish collection and IBI taxes again, and further reduce public services. In a press statement this week coalition councillor Jeffrey Wiszniewski stated that budgets for fiestas will be reduced by approx 25%, but, at one of the recent private governing councillors meetings he and his fellow governing councillors approved a budget of 21,175 Euros to pay for the stage and sound system for the next Rock Arena concert which will be on 12 July 2014. In addition will be the costs involved in policing the event and cleaning up afterwards. They also approved a no admission fee for people attending this year’s concert, it is totally free!

Councillor Jeffrey Wiszniewski (PIPN)and another coalition councillor (PP) receive 650 Euros for each private governing councillors meeting they attend. There are usually five meetings each month. Some of these meetings have been logged with duration of just five minutes.

26th May 2014
The Valencia authorities have been allocated 31 extra judges that have been assigned to the regions courts to help cope with the increasing backlog of pending prosecutions, including political corruption cases that need to be adjudicated and resolved. Read the article in The Leader newspaper here.

6th May 2014
PP political party groups in different municipalities throughout the Costas are in turmoil. Within their own party councillors are resigning from the party and turning against them by joining opposition groups citing major disagreements with the PP party’s management of public funds and their policies. Pending court cases refer to the forging of official documents, the issuing of work contracts before being officially approved, work contracts allocated only to PP party members, and failing to provide opposition councillors with official documents. The PP party mayor in Alicante has resigned after being implicated in the massive Brugal corruption trial. In some municipalities the PP ruling parties refuse to concede control even though they are now governing with a minority, which is resulting in vital contracts for work and repairs to infrastructure not being undertaken and other public services not being carried out. With reports of irregularities piled up on the desk of the anticorruption prosecutor the courts are overburdened with the backlog and the workload in getting statements from all those implicated and from witnesses. With so many denuncias for political corruption it may take up to two years before accused PP Mayors and other councillors are brought to trial.

16th January 2014
Doing the opposite of what they state in public in press releases and media interviews, San Fulgencio Mayor Carlo Ramirez and his coalition partner councillor Jeffrey Wiszniewski have again been exposed. The shadow councillors of the APSFU (the independent political party based in La Marina urbanisation) and PSOE national political party have this week uncovered salary payments to councillors in the current coalition that until now have been hidden. The concealed salary payments are for a councillor appointed eight months ago, Manuel Gómez Rebagliato, since then an unknown paid councillor and now revealed as another appointed deputy mayor (total 6).    

Manuel Gómez Rebagliato is paid 650 Euros to attend each ‘Equipo de Gobierno’ meeting, coincidently the same amount that councillor Wiszniewski receives for attending the same meetings. On many occasion these meetings are for just 10 minutes. With five monthly meetings the income from public coffers to each councillor is 3,250 Euros per month. This is more than any other councillor received under any other previous administration. None of the shadow councillors of the APSFU or the PSOE have ever been invited to an ‘Equipo de Gobierno’ meeting under the current administration.

Since the beginning of this administration when they instigated severe cuts in council budgets to public services, including the social services, culture, education, animal welfare and waste collection budgets, at the same time increasing taxes to local citizens, the current San Fulgencio council payroll, which includes five personal assistants assigned to councillor Wiszniewski, exceeds 500,000 Euros per annum, a new record for councillor salaries in San Fulgencio, paid to just 14 people.

16th December 2013
San Fulgencio PP Mayor Carlos Ramirez and his governing team, including PIPN Deputy Mayor Jeffrey Wiszniewski, were summoned at short notice to appear in front of the criminal judge in the Orihuela courthouse at 9.30 on Monday 16 December to answer formal charges of political corruption. This is the second time in a matter of weeks that British Councillor Wiszniewski, this time going under the name of Jeffrey Witold, has been indicted. On this occasion he, along with his coalition partners, face charges in connection with 150,000 Euros of payments made from public funds to a private sports club. Read the full story as revealed to the public in the Informacion newspaper here:

12th November 2013

Councillor Wiszniewski ordered to attend Court to face charges of corruption:

Councillor Jeffrey Wiszniewski has been summoned to the Orihuela courthouse on Thursday 14 November 2013 at 10am to answer charges of corruption regarding the issuing of contracts for the La Marina Fiesta in 2011. Serious discrepancies in contracts issued to companies were discovered by opposition councillors only after their persistent efforts to obtain copies of the contracts were eventually revealed.

7th November 2013
Council Organised Dog Show Sham:
San Fulgencio Town Hall wants people to believe that they have an acceptable working system in place for lost and stray pets that complies with satisfactory standards for animal care and welfare. To keep up this charade the council has organised a dog show on La Marina urbanisation. However, behind the facade of pretence and a public display involving bona-fide animal associations that have been invited to the council organised dog show, the San Fulgencio coalition council hide the sinister truth about their anti-animal welfare procedures, their strict protocol that has resulted in the collection of hundreds of lost and stray pets that are removed from the area, never publicised or offered for adoption and killed within 6 days of being picked up.
Cereco S.L. is the animal collection company contracted by San Fulgencio council since June 2011 to collect stray animals within the municipality.  There is no arrangement with any animal welfare charity, association or group of volunteers. The Cereco Company based in Crevillente has contracts with 40 different Town Halls to collect lost and abandoned pets and has a notorious reputation. This is the company that the local police will call out when a stray animal is reported to them, as per instructions from the Town Hall. Each day a fleet of Cereco vans travel from one municipality to the other collecting lost and stray animals. Some of the dogs and cats they collect are terrified family pets, on many occasions having run off frightened by loud fireworks or some other unexpected incident. Each one picked up can spend many hours in a non air-conditioned Cereco van whilst the driver completes his route. This has resulted in many animals suffering greatly and in some cases dying in the back of the Cereco vans. Local resident Susana Serrano Quesada, is just one of the many people that have denounced Cereco after her dog escaped from the house in Parque del Duero on La Marina urbanisation. Only a few minutes had passed before they realised
that their pet dog named Pukas was missing and they went searching for him. Little did they know that their beloved family pet had been picked up by a Cereco van and subjected to a torturous journey around the Costa Blanca before arriving at the Cereco installation in Crevillente eight hours later. Pukas was dead on arrival. All of the San Fulgencio councillors know about the little dog named Pukas, they also know about many other dogs and cats collected by Cereco in the last two and half years that have suffered and been killed shortly after arriving in Crevillente, but still the coalition councillors continue with the Cereco contract.

tatement from Mark Lewis, an opposition Councillor and for many years involved in animal rescue and welfare in San Fulgencio:
"When the current coalition was installed into office in 2011 immediately they cancelled the animal rescue and adoption procedures that I had
introduced in 2008 which involved local animal welfare volunteers, the coalition reinstalled a contract with Cereco at a cost of 12,000 Euros each year. I and many local residents voiced our objection. The council responded announcing publicly that all stray animals collected in the municipality will not be killed, that they will be transported to an adoption centre, advertised on the Town Hall web site and on Councillor Wiszniewski’s web site as available for adoption. Sadly, in the two and a half years since then, only 16 dogs have been publicised on the Town Hall web site. On councillor Wiszniewski’s internet sites none of the dogs and cats collected by Cereco has ever been publicised. Regarding the dog show this weekend; I hope that people visiting the event will please take a moment to reflect on the dogs not taking part in the show, the ones that have been taken away from the urbanisations by the Cereco vans, never to be seen again."

25th October 2013
A former PP Mayor has been sentenced to 3 years in jail for corruption. Read the article in the Round Town News

4th September 2013
Following statements to the press when he announced that he had lost confidence in Mayor Carlos Ramirez, and that he could not work with the coalition PIPN councillor Jeffrey Wisznieski, Councillor Paulino Herrero handed in a signed letter of resignation to the Mayor declaring that he will leave the PP party and the coalition government with the PIPN. However, since then he has revoked his resignation and will now remain a PP party councillor in the coalition that he previously stated he was totally at odds with.
At the full council meeting held on September 3rd councillor Herrero was questioned by opposition councillors about his rapid U-turn. Although pushed to explain the reasons for rescinding his resignation his repeated answer was that all is now well with the Mayor and with the PIPN councillor Jeffrey Wisznieski, that all the
coalition councillors are now working in harmony. At the same council meeting councillor Wisznieski was questioned by councillors on the opposition benches about the recent press statement from councillor Herrero concerning three of his employed assistants that are members of the same family. He was asked if all three of them attended for work in the office for the urbanisations every day. Councillor Wiszniewski’s immediate reply was yes, that they did report for work every day, but when questioned further, he corrected this statement, commenting that one of his employed assistants is the nephew of his first personal asissitant, and that he had not attended the office for more 30 days because he is a college student.
The opposition councillors
announced publicly and also displayed to all attending this meeting, copies of many documents and solicitudes showing that over a two year period the Mayor has repeatedly denied them access to copies of contracts issued and invoices paid by the coalition governing team. As he was shown the many copies of solicitudes Mayor Ramirez exclaimed on numerous occasions that this government is open and transparent, however, he confirmed that some requests for access to documents by the opposition are still under consultation!

In councillor Paulino Herrero’s resignation letter to Mayor Carlos Ramirez he stated “from the beginning of this election term and as a result of the coalition pact between the PP and the PIPN the pact between the two parties has prevented me from carrying out my duties as councillor, my initiatives have been discouraged and decisions made by you have been contrary to election committments made to the voters. I have lost confidence in you as Mayor because there have been decisions you have taken knowing they were not right and proper, but you did so just to satisfy our coalition partner".
Shortly after handing in his letter of resignation councillor Herrero said in a press release “The PIPN councillor Jeffrey Wiszniewski has five personal assistants that are being paid too much, in fact some of them do not even report report for work”.
View Councillor Paulino Herrero's resignation letter

20th August 2013
Read the report in the Coastrider newspaper on 20 August 2013: Discord In The San Fulgencio Town Hall HERE

15th August 2013
PP Party General Secretary is called to testify...
Read the article in the RoundTown News



26 December 2012

Do you own a local business? Did you know that the council is spending lots of money on promoting local businesses this Christmas season with a campaign that provides you with raffle tickets to give to customers for a grand draw giving way thousands of Euros in cash prizes. Unfortunately businesses on the urbanisations were not informed?

15 December 2012
As reported in the Spanish press last week the Mayor of San Fulgencio appears to be ignoring the austerity measures placed on all local councils as decreed by Spain’s Prime Minister. The official bulletin for the Alicante Province On 4th December shows that Mayor Carlos Ramirez has approved pay rises for the councillor responsible for Fiestas, Health and Social Services. Councillor Conception Castell Espinosa is being paid 2,100 Euros per month, and will also receive two extra months pay each year as a bonus! Mayor Ramirez approved the pay increase to this councillor on May 15, 2012, however, in what is seen as a deliberate attempt to conceal the wages increase, he did not release the information for publication in the official BOP bulletin of the province until 4th December. The annual payroll for San Fulgencio councillors and their personal assistants is now more than 500,000 Euros!

Also revealed last week is an annual payment of 9,480 Euros, being paid from public funds to a newspaper editor for his journalistic work for the press office of San Fulgencio council which is reputed to be pure propaganda reporting for the PP Mayor in a national Spanish newspaper. Another regular payment of 2,323 Euros each month is the fee paid to a company that provides a doorman for the outdoor sports facility in La Marina urbanization. The employee recruited to be the doorman was a member of the local election committee of the PP party and, coincidentally, voted in favour of Carlos Ramírez as candidate for Mayor just before last years elections.

There are continuing tensions within the San Fulgencio local government team headed by Mayor Ramirez following the resignation of María Asunción Prieto. She is deemed to have had insurmountable differences with the PP Mayor.
Councillor Jeffrey Wisznieski is content, he continues to receive 650 Euros for each Equipo de Gobierno meeting, five in a month is a total monthly wage of 3250 Euros for the British councillor.

27 October 2012
Appearing in court last week Manuel Barrera decided not to face a trial by jury and pleaded guilty on charges of accepting a bribe after he was filmed receiving and counting 5000 in cash Euros in a restaurant in 2008 when he was the deputy Mayor of San Fulgencio. He is the first ever politician in San Fulgencio to be convicted in a corruption prosecution. In April 2009 Manuel Barrera was found guilty of threats to kill English councillors Mark Lewis and Michael Blake when they refused to give in to his demands for them to resign and support him after he was arrested and then thrown out of the Town Hall. Shortly after this councillor Michael Blake had a severe stroke which subsequently led to his death.
See the article in Spanish press Clik

11 October 2012
Mayor Carlos Ramirez and his 'Equipo de Gobierno' councillors have been reported to the Government Department of Anticorruption for awarding two contracts for work to a company where the father of one of the PP coalition councillors, councillor Borja Alonso, is a Director of the company. This breaks one of the strictest rules imposed upon local authorities. Legal proceedings have also been instigated against Mayor Ramirez for illegally hiring a “Espectaculo” company for the August 2011 Fiesta in La Marina urbanisation before contracts were considered and announced for public tender. Opposition councillors in San Fulgencio uncovered these irregularities despite the Mayor’s constant blocking and refusal to provide copies of official documents and receipts. In the public interest opposition councillors are entitled to see all documentation and contracts approved by the Mayor. However, Mayor Ramirez, always quick to declare his administration as “Open and Transparent”, has persistently ignored requests for information and obstructed the opposition councillors.
Reported in the Spanish press: Clik     Reported in the English press: Clik

02 October 2012
A denuncia was  issued a few days ago by the two political parties currently in opposition to the PP and PIPN coalition in San Fulgencio after they received many complaints from local residents. As a result, Mayor Carlos Ramirez has been forced to order the extraction of the large garden pruning dumping site situated at the junction of calle Alfredo Kraus and Camino del Convenio in La Marina urbanisation.
Within 72 hours of receiving the denuncia the Mayor instructed Town Hall workers and a contractor to remove all the rotting green waste from this massive dump site to another location. Hastily they loaded it all onto large skips and Lorries and moved it, but not very far, to calle del Bosque, a green park area known to local residents as “The Valley”. The travesty is that this new location for the dump is very close to houses in calle Extramadura and the Marina del Mar urbanisation! Photos taken yesterday of large skips emptying their load onto the hastily prepared grassy plain reveal lots of non biodegradable plastic and other materials that have previously been crushed in an attempt to hide it among the mounds of garden pruning, which has now been tipped onto a designated and protected green zone!

To see a video of the hastily prepared new council dumping site click here.

In doing this we believe that the Mayor and the current council has committed a serious ecological transgression by destroying an area of great natural beauty which contravenes local and regional by-laws, transforming it into an unlicensed and illegal dump. The damage that this will cause to the environment and the consequences to people living in the houses nearby and overlooking this tip through pollution, infestations and disturbance is immeasurable. The new dump is located within a large protected environmental green belt area which is of great ecological value, resulting in the destruction of trees and native plants. It is also designated as a flood zone.
The two opposition party groups in San Fulgencio, the APSFU and the PSOE, are looking into imposing legal sanctions against Mayor Carlos Ramirez and the councillor for parks and gardens, Councillor Paulino Herrero, for what is regarded as a crime against the environment.

01 October 2012
Prior to the council meeting in San Fulgencio Town Hall this morning the opposition councillors objected to items being put on the agenda for which they, as opposition councillors, had not received any documentation, something that has happened all to often in recent months. In light of this all the opposition councillors in attendance voted against each item of the agenda due to "no supporting cocumentation". All the coalition councillors voted in favour of each motion. When questioned about the illegal dump on La Marina urbanisation neither the Mayor or any of the coalition councillors made a comment.

25 September 2012
La Marina urbanisation is becoming a landfill ...
Opposition councillors in San Fulgencio have united to condemn the current coalition Government for allowing an illegal dumping site to be opened on La Marina urbanisation. All the APSFU and the PSOE shadow councillors have signed and submitted to the Town Hall an official document demanding that the Mayor and his Government team close the waste pruning dump which is situated adjacent to houses in calle Alfredo Kraus, calle Pedro Maria Unanue, and calle Luis Bruñel.  Also that that they stop the indiscriminate dumping of non-disposable items in the streets. People are depressed and frustrated with the mess on the streets, the poorly maintained green areas, and the visual appearance of La Marina urbanisation, attributed to the shameful neglect and indifference of the ruling coalition led by the PP party Mayor  Carlos Ramirez.

The governing coalition team made up of councillors from the PP party and the PIPN appear to have abandoned the urbanisations and the good will of the people by locating a site for pruning in the middle of houses without any consideration of the effects that it is having on those living nearby and on the environment, complaints  made by local residents and holidaymakers to the councillors responsible have been ignored . There is an accumulation of pruning and discarded items alongside many of the street waste collection containers which is allowed to rot and pollute the streets and pavements. Also, the illegal activity of crushing and processing rotting pruning in the open air at the dumping site is a source of infections, not to mention the proliferation of rats, cockroaches etc. Residents living nearby are suffering with respiratory problems, houses are covered in dust and there is also a serious fire risk here. There is what looks like infected palm trees also dumped on the large pruning site.

It is inadmissible that a council ignores pleas from its citizens and is wholly ignorant of the consequences on them, on tourism, and on the appeal of the municipality as a place to live. A new company was hired by this council to maintain the green areas and collect pruning, citing that it is cheaper than the previous company. But at what cost to its taxpayers in public health and safety! It is a further demonstration of the inefficiency and couldn’t care-less attitude of the current coalition council.

13 August 2012
The cost to local residents in San Fulgencio for the Fiestas in 2012 ...
The official 'Equipo de Gobierno' documents obtained by opposition councillors this week reveal the contracted costs (so far) of the fiestas in 2012:
Rock Arena one day July Fiesta: 23,000 Euros.
La Marina 'Virgen de la Paz' three day August Fiesta: 49,000 Euros.
San Fulgencio 'Virgen del Remedio' (over three weeks) September/October Fiesta:  62,000 Euros.
NO GRANTS have been approved by either Regional or National Government towards these costs.

Also published in the same 'Equipo de Gobierno' documents:
The council has approved the purchace of a 9 seater vehicle for the dedicated use of the newly formed volunteer group PROTECCION CIVIL, a new club set up and funded by the current council!
The council will pay you a 500 Euro 'Baby Grant' when you have a new baby. Four of these grants were approved recently.

12 August 2012
The archaeological team from Alicante university is back at the La Escuera site ancient temple site. Clik

14 July 2012
Councillor Wiszniewski - Blog or Blag?
Answering local residents councillor Jeff Wiszniewski says that the Heavy Rock concert in La Marina urbanisation on 7th July was funded by Valencia, and on his Blog page in reference to the Rock concert is this statement “if the money is not spent on youth or tourism, we would lose part of the grant from Central government”. The fact is that there has been no grant issued by the Valencia Generalitat for full or part funding of the Rock concert.
Also in his Blog, referring to the other live concert on 10 July outside the Dos Mas cafeteria is this statement “the Rock Band that are playing this evening is absolutely nothing to do with our office being 1 year old. This is a private venture, put on by Dos Mas”. However, on the Ayuntamiento web site is the poster clearly indicating that it was arranged by the council = Presenta: Excmo. Ayuntamiento de San Fulgencio!  Clik here to see the poster.
So is it a Blog – or a Blag?

15 May 2012
Council approves salary for another full time councillor...
Opposition councillors in San Fulgencio have criticised the governing coalition after the announcement that they have increased the total expenditure on salaries paid to the coalition team. The PP-PIPN coalition has approved another salary to be paid to a full time councillor, she will receive 2400 Euros per month. In a marathon council meeting held today the opposition councillors of the PSOE and the APSFU argued for two hours with the coalition councillors, questioning them, and asking them to clarify why they have increased the payroll, at the same time cutting vital public services they say deemed necessary due to “the economic crisis”.

09 May 2012
Rock Concert in La Marina urbanisation on 7th July...
Local tax payers will foot the bill, in excess of 20,000 Euros, for the Rock Arena Festival that will take place in the marketplace in La Marina urbanisation on the evening of 7th July 2012. Popular Spanish rock band KOMA and SARATOGA will head the bill and four other Spanish rock bands will also perform live. A massive stage, lighting and sound system will be set up for this "One Night Only" event. If you are a rock music fan then this must surely be the big event for you - FREE ENTRY.

04 April 2012
Council to borrow more money to pay off debts....
San Fulgencio council has announced plans to borrow over four million Euros to pay off outstanding debts. To repay this new loan local taxes will be substantially increased, spending  on public services will be greatly reduced, in some areas up to 50%. The local ambulance emergency service will have funding cut by 70, 000 Euros.
However, in the latest Town Hall publication the council has a headline: Sport is one of the priorities of the present government team – and a statement “A Local Sports Association driven by the government team will administer the different specialist sports with local instructors”!

30 January 2012
Council to raise awareness of domestic oil recycling...
A press release today here states that San Fulgencio council has initiated a campaign to raise awareness of recycling of oils. The initiative has started with the placement of new containers for recycling of domestic oil and the distribution of funnels in order to facilitate the collection of this product. The Jobufer company in collaboration with the council has installed a total of six containers, which are next to other recycling containers in commercial and busy areas. A funnel will be provided free to all citizens which will facilitate the transfer of oil in plastic bottles to prevent spills of liquid.

12 January 2012
Councillor Jeff Wiszniewski wishes all the residents on the urbanisations a Happy New Year with the news that between November 24th and December 29th he has been working very hard - he attended six governing councillor meetings in the Town Hall, each one lasting around twenty minutes, and was paid 650 Euros for each one. His total wage purely for his attendance at these six meetings: 3,900 Euros!   
Perhaps Mr. Wisznieski is so determined to sort out the problems and hardships affecting everyone on the urbanisations that he has made a new years resolution to hold more governing meetings in 2012!


08 Dec 2011
The San Fulgencio PP run council at a recent council meeting approved a tax increase of 33% in the cost of drinking water and a 63% increase for the collection of the Sewer water for households within the municipality. These increases will come into effect on January 1st. British councillor Jeff Wisznieski voted with the PP councillors to approve this massive tax increase, all the opposition councillors voted against this but Mr. Wisznieski had the casting vote so the tax increase was approved.

5 Sept 2011
The costs revealed so far for the 3 day La Marina Fiesta held in August 2011 are 34,187.60 Euros, which was paid to the Sindi Group SSL for arranging the stage, equipment, bands, foam parties etc. An additional amount of 4,000 Euros has been paid for the fireworks for the fiesta. It is expected that the the final cost of the 2011 La Marina Fiesta will be in the region of 40,000 Euros.

17 Aug 2011
The new council has cancelled the contract that the previous council arranged for the maintenance of the green areas in the urbanisations and for the main waste collection point in calle Extramadura. Councillor Wiszniewski stated recently:
"The contract for the previous company, Generala , was terminated. As an interim measure, Ginsa, have been tasked with basic maintenance and operation of the waste collection sites. Later next month, it is hoped that with a grant from Valencia, the Town Hall will be able to employ sufficient persons to properly maintain the gardens and green areas. We are in the process of seeking out leasing deals for equipment".
As a result the opening times for the monitrored waste collection point in calle Extramadura have been reduced. It is now open daily from 8am until 2.30pm only, Monday to Saturday.

On a local forum, a La Marina resident replied to Councillor Wiszniewski and posted this:  
"I remember that earlier this year, during the run up to election, you were parading around La Marina market telling everyone that the current coalition are corrupt and that they were not spending enough money on the urbanisations and that you, if elected, will ensure that this is corrected. Now that you have been elected you are telling us that in fact the previous council were spending too much money cleaning up the urbanisations and that you have cancelled the contract! You do seem to make things up and tell different stories as it suits you"!

Councillor Wiszniewski was lying. He did not know that IPA in Spanish stands for 'Incineracion Para Animales' - it is a crematorium for animals!

06 Aug 2011
PP council tell fibs about debt inherited....
The current PP run council stands corrected for their claims that the previous administration spent too much money. San Fulgencio's council's debt loading at the end of 2010 was 18.32%, one of the lowest in the country. Read more Clik

19 July 2011
Francisco Camps, the Regional President of the PP party, and three members of his team, will face a trial by jury on charges of corruption. After a two year investigation the judge has decided that he accepted 40,000 Euros worth of illegal gifts. To read the story in the press Clik

13 July 2011
At a full council meeting today the PP controlled administration approved that Jeff Wiszniewski, the one PIPN councillor that joined with them to give the PP the controlling majority, with a new pay deal never seen before . He will be paid 650 Euros to attend every government Board of Councillors meeting. There are usually four and sometimes five of these each month. In the Spanish press it has been reported that this is a method that enables Mr. Wiszniewski  to receive  a ‘hidden salary’.

13 June 2011
The new government coalition has sacked the two translators / interpreters that the previous government hired to assist the British and other foreigners in the urbanisations. Simone Elster was the receptionist that worked full time in the Ayuntamiento office in La Marina urbanisation, Teo Valentina Lica worked full time in the Ayuntamiento in San Fulgencio. Many ex-pats and residents from other European countries living in the urbanisations have appreciated the help and assistance that both of these young ladies have provided to them over the previous four years. The new Government coalition, led by new Mayor Carols Ramirez and Deputy Mayor Jeff Wiszniewski, sacked the two translators as soon as they moved into the San Fulgencio Ayuntamiento. They have been replaced with five new employes that are friends and aquaintances for councillor Jeffrey Witold Wiszniewski.

11 June 2011
There is a new coalition government in San Fulgencio made up of eight PP councillors and one PIPN councillor. PIPN councillor Jeff Wisniewski was the only person in his party to be elected after receiving just 208 votes, and, due to the Spanish electoral system of proportional representation, he had the key seat to form a coalition government team with a majority of one.
Many people are asking why has Mr. Wisniewski made a deal with the eight Spanish PP councillors, with himself as the only ex-pat councillor, when he could have joined with the two other English councillors elected to form a coalition team in the Town Hall with three British councillors - this would have been a first anywhere in Spain!

----------------------------------------------------NEW GOVERNMENT INSTALLED ----------------------------------------------------

25 May 2011
Five political parties participated in the San Fulgencio elections. Multinational party APSFU headed by Mariano Marti and Mark Lewis received the most votes from ex-pats in the urbanisations with four councillors elected. The new PIPN party has one councillor elected. It is a hoped by all ex-pats that the PIPN councillor will decided to allign his one seat with the two other two parties that will see three British councillors into government for the very first time in Spain.  

21 March 2011
The APSFU -  The Group for San Fulgencio and the Urbanisations.
Mariano Marti will be the candidate for Mayor and Mark Lewis will be the candidate for Deputy Mayor in the elections to be held on May 22nd. They will be joined by current councillors Remedios Josefa Villena and Jacques Malonda.

30 March 2011
San Fulgencio councillors negotiations to secure the municipality’s inclusion in the ‘Plan of Works and Services, 2010’, a project to repair and improve the road connecting the CV860 to the urbanisations were successful. Negotiations were undertaken with the Alicante Diputation so that this important project would be included in the regional plan. San Fulgencio municipality will benefit economically to the tune of 299,650€ paid by the Alicante Diputation. The canal road improvements will include street lighting, a pedestrian pathway and a bicycle lane.

21 March 2011
The new sports Centre was inaugurated on Monday 21 March. Alicante Diputation sub-delegate Encarna Llinares Cuesta, performed the opening ceremony and declared all the sports facilities in the large complex now open for the public use. For a full report and photosclick here

26 February 2011
The park known as Parque del Mosa in La Marina urbanisation was inaugurated Saturday 26th February 2011. This is the biggest park in La Marina urbanisation and events were organised to mark the official opening. Many people will remember that for three and a half years this large area covering 46,000+ square meters was a dumping site for Lorries and skips full of rubbish. Now, at long last, local residents can relax and enjoy the beautiful new park that has been created with walking areas, outdoor exercise equipment, seats, a mountain bike track, a large open sports area, a children’s playground and a dog walking area. There where various stalls and events on the day to celebrate the official opening of the park. The Mayoress and English councillor Mark Lewis were in attendance at this special event. Parque del Mosa is situated between calle Bilbao, calle del Bosque, and calle Aragon in La Marina urbanisation.

3 February 2011
The new recycling and waste deposit plant in calle Extramadura, La Marina urbanisation is now open.

20 January 2011
European Community residents THAT HAVE NOT VOTED IN SPAIN BEFORE and wishing to register to vote at the May 2011 elections can register on the electoral roll at the Town Hall (subject to already being on the padron) until Monday, January 31. Anyone that is not on the electoral role will not be able to cast their vote on 22nd May.

12 January 2011
I have discovered that the microchip system of identification of pets in Spain is flawed. The best way to ensure that a lost pet is quickly returned to the owner is for a tag to seen on the collar or a harness with contact information.

02 January 2011
The new recycling and waste deposit plant in calle Extramadura will open soon.


06 December 2010
We have secured a grant from central government to build a new public multi-sports facility in La Marina urbanisation. This grant was offered purely for the enhancement of sports amenities and could not be used for anything else. We applied for this grant and it has been approved. This new Sports Arena is now being constructed central to calle Azorin, c/La Marina and c/Francisco de Quevedo.
NEW ROAD SIGNS...  Many people have commented to me that although new road signs have been erected where new houses had been constructed there was a need to place new road signs on  many of the older (MASA) roads. I am happy to report that new road signs are now being mounted throughout the urbanisations on the older MASA constructed streets. Also, white lining at road junctions is currently being carried out.

05 November 2010
We have finalised the details for the new recycling and waste deposit plant in calle Extramadura, La Marina urbanisation. Upon completion this site will be open to the public daily from 9am until 6pm.

21 October 2010
Work on the site for the new municipal dump has started. The location is the forest area at the end of calle del Bosque / calle Extramadura. This location was chosen because it is not directly overlooked by any houses as it is hidden behind trees.     

01 October 2010
Today we met with representatives of Aquagest in the Town Hall to discuss the flooding in Camino del Convenio, the replacement of damaged water pipes throughout the municipality and the upgrading of the water supply system to provide the best possible supply and quality of water in years to come. After long negotiations agreement was reached. Almost all of the water supply pipeline will be unearthed and visually examined. Any necessary repairs and / or replacement of the conduits will be carried out. Work will start this month and will continue until the job is completed.

21 September 2010
I have discovered that if you call the national emergency numbers 092 or 112 there will be a delay.
In an emergency please call this San Fulgencio URGENCIA number for the quickest response: 966 794 453

04 September 2010
Today I looked over the new municipal ambulance which will be officially inaugurated on Wednesday 8th September 2010. The new ambulance is a Mercedes model 316 CDI which has been custom fitted with all the latest life saving equipment and enhancements. The new ambulance even has interior LED blue lighting to create a relaxing environment for patients that are being transported. Also, there is much more space inside the vehicle and everything that is needed by the paramedics is within quick and easy reach to ensure the best possible care for patients.

07 July 2010
I have been working with the Social Services to help identify the high number of elderly expatriates in the urbanisations that are living alone and possibly in need of help. Many elderly people are not aware of the help and assistance they can receive from the Social Services in Spain. I am going to do everything I can to inform people of the various services that are available to them, which can include the ‘Menjar a Casa’ (Meals on Wheels) service. At this time I want to appeal to everyone living in the urbanisations to look out for their elderly neighbours and to please inform them that help is available if requested. Also, to inform the Social Services if they become concerned about an elderly person that may be infirm or suffering from dementia. Just a few days ago an elderly man living alone on the urbanisation was found dead in his bath. We want to ensure that elderly people living alone are cared for and contacted regularly. The office for Social Services is located in the Centro Civico in San Fulgencio. Alternatively, please call me on 676 447 682.

06 July 2010

Are you working and want to learn to speak  Spanish during the Summer months? Spanish language lessons for the employed and self employed will commence soon in the Arcandia language school in San Fulgencio. It will be held at the most suitable times for the working students, preferably in the mornings, for approx 3 hours each day, the complete course taking 60 hours spread over the summer months. It is totally FREE and it includes study books, cd, notebooks, pens, everything.
To register on the course please visit the Tourist Information Office in La Marina urbanisation to collect an application form, or go direct to the Centro Formacion Arcandia, in calle General Mola 11, San Fulgencio. The La Marina Tourist Information telephone number is 966 790 021.

18 May 2010

From Saturday 22nd May the urbanisation train service will be reinstated. This is a private enterprise. It is hoped that people will use the train as it will be a great asset for all residents and tourists during the summer months. The route will be the same as it was previously, from the urbanisations to the Bahia de las Dunas Shopping Centre next to the N332. At the arrival point in Bahia de las Dunas Shopping Centre people can then visit Mercadona Supermarket, the new Chinese hypermarket, Lidls, and many other stores in this area. You can then return to the Bahia de las Dunas shopping centre for a return journey on the train to the urbanisations. For more information on the route, stops and timetable

15 May 2010
A burglar broke into a house in urbanisation El Oasis last night. A lady was awoken, she saw a man with a balaclava over his head, he had a torch in his hand. When he realised that he had been seen he did a runner and escaped in a silver or light blue coloured Mercedes 3 edition. He broke into the house through patio doors without making a sound. On this occasion he did not get away with any valuables. This family was lucky, only the patio door was slightly damaged.
Summer is coming and at night many people tend to leave their patio doors and windows open for air. It is important to remember that this is what the criminals look for in order to make an easy entry. Always keep all your gates, windows and doors locked at night. Ask yourself this question; if a burglar looks at two houses and one of them has an alarm fitted, and the other one doesn’t, which house do you think he will break into? I highly recommend that you install an alarm system.

14 May 2010
Manuel Barrera again found guilty: THE FORMER Deputy Mayor of San Fulgencio, Manuel Barrera, has been convicted.

1 May 2010
New green waste collection points: Very soon each household will receive a pamphlet that will outline a new initiative to clean up the streets. There are seven new green waste collection points located in the urbanisations for non perishable household goods and garden prunings. The new collection points are already open for public use. It will now be an offence to deposit garden pruning and non perishable household goods on the streets. View the location of the collection points

25 April 2010
This years Summer Fiesta in La Marina urbanisation is going to be on Friday 6th to Sunday 7th August 2010. In collaboration with Vibe FM the councillor for fiestas is organising a showcase of bands that will appear live on stage at this years fiesta.

24 April 2010
Last summer we experienced an infestation of mosquitoes which included the tiger mosquito. In an effort to prevent a repetition of last years plague the campaign to eradicate mosquito and their Larvae in San Fulgencio and the urbanisations will continue throughout 2010. A careful watch is being undertaken to try to abate the pest and prevent an outbreak this summer.

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