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Registered Charity No. CV-01-050123-A
Tax authorities registration CIF G54669262.
Tel: (0034) 645469253 - Email:

Account Name: Pets In Spain
BANK: Sabadell
ES14 0081 0687 7700 0168 1672

PETS IN SPAIN is the centre point for animal rescue and rehoming in Spain, a non profit animal charity registered with the Regional Valencia Government providing all necessary care, veterinary treatment and rehabilitation for every animal under their wing. In the case of escaped and lost pets the Pets In Spain team has amazing success in reuniting them with their owners, or, if an owner is not found in rehoming them. This is done thanks to their long established Europe-wide networking connections and in collaboration with many other animal rescue organisations, veterinary clinics, animal hospitals and the registration authorities. Please support the Pets In Spain team which needs new sponsors to help them raise funds and rescue more abandoned and displaced family pets. Become a PinS sponsor and feel good knowing that your contribution is being used 100% for the animals. Pets in Spain is run by a great team of volunteers. Join them on Facebook and please "Like" click here

Charity Shops in La Marina urb:
For the location of the charity shops in Google Maps click here.
To help fund their various animal welfare and protection projects there are two Pets In Spain charity shops in La Marina urbanisation. The largest one is next to the Hogs Head, on the bottom level of the Consum Supermarket square, the second shop is on the corner of Avenida Londres and calle Madrid, opposite the Soterin DIY shop. Donations of unused household items, furniture, electrical items, bric-a-brac etc are needed for the charity to sell in the charity shops to raise funds to help the animals. Collection can be arranged for large items of furniture etc. Please help the Pets In Spain team of pet rescuers and rehomers, call the charity on 645469253 or email:

Please make a donation to support the charity's work via your bank or credit card or with Paypal at


Tourism brochures and publicity leads people to believe that in San Fulgencio all things are bright and beautiful for all creatures great and small. However, despite denuncias and appeals led by Mark Lewis, the foremost animal welfare protagonist and founder of the
Pets In Spain animal welfare charity, on Friday 16th January 2015 the San Fulgencio council continued the annual barbaric tradition of collecting live animals, hanging them upside down on a pole tied with zip ties, and parading them around the village streets. During the cruel procession local children look on in bewilderment. Even more ironic is that the councillor for animals, Susana Ortuno (the niece of the mayor) is in this cruel procession playing the clarinet in the San Fulgencio municipal band!

The San Fulgencio council Facebook page has a collection of photos which shows Mayor Carlos Ramirez and his government team grabbing the live animals and stringing them up on a pole for their long torment before their final fate! e=message

A German Shepherd that was allowed out by his owner to roam the streets killed a local residents pet dog in a horrific incident. The same rouge dog was reported to the police and English deputy mayor Jeffrey Wiszniewski in 2012 when it attacked and killed another residents beloved Yorkshire Terrier, unfortunately nothing was done and the dog was consistently allowed to roam the streets. For advice on what to do if you suspect a dog is about to attack your pet visit this web page:

In another incident a local residents dog bolted from his home after a loud noise spooked him, also on La Marina urbanisation in the middle of the hot summer. Only a few minutes had passed before the owner realised that their pet dog named Pukas was missing and they went searching for him. Their beloved family pet had already been picked up by a Cereco van (the animal collection company that San Fulgencio Town Hall has a contract with to tour the urbanisation and collect strays). Little Pukas was subjected to a torturous journey around the Costa Blanca in the back of the Cereco van as the driver searched and collected other strays in other municipalities before arriving at their warehouse in Crevillente eight hours later. With no air conditioning or water available in the van for collected strays Pukas was dead on arrival. The owner of Pukas denounced Cereco and the local council.

Since the local elections in 2011 the council has maintained a contract with Cereco despite many cats and dogs having suffered terribly and many been killed by the Cereco company, most of them behind closed doors after their arrival in the collection centre in Crevillente. Cereco have a contract with more than 40 Town Halls to collect strays from their municipalities, it is Cereco that the provide the final solution!

Rescuing an animal that has been abused, abandoned or just unwanted, is one of the most noble things a human being can do. In most cases, we think of pet adoption as a good thing to do because it saves an innocent animal from being put down unnecessarily. Rarely do we ever stop to consider the many ways that an adopted animal can make our lives better. There is evidence that proves adopting a pet can save human lives as well. Read more here

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